Autonomous Shuttle Service for UZ Brussels - ASSUZB

LoUIsE is part of a living lab organized around a pilot project for an automated shuttle service at and around the Health Campus of the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (UZB). The project is coordinated by MOBI VUB and funded by Innoviris

The specific domains of expertise relevant for this living lab are: modelling mobility user behavior, spatial planning and mobility, business models and policy recommendations, vehicle monitoring and measurement campaigns, real- world vehicle data analysis and battery expertise. The research conducted by LoUIsE Lab is place-based and involves mapping and design tools (axonometric, section) at different scales in order to frame the spatial challenges of the automated shuttle services. It was conducted in close interaction with the relevant stakeholders in order to feed the planning and design process with the technical data and user requirements. The shuttle has to be precisely calibrated with respect to localisation and traffic rules in order to operate in a complex spatial context with different types of interacting mobility users (pedestrian, bike, car, etc.). The successful implementation of automation technology in an urban context (e.g. hospital campus, residential neighbourhood, industrial park) require the preparation of a comprehensive mobility plan for the entire site, ahead of the phase of implementation. This allowed to plan ahead solutions for the distribution of different flows of mobility and mitigate conflicts.