Ananda Kohlbrenner

Researcher 2021

Ananda Kohlbrenner has an interdisciplinary background in social sciences (Unil-Switzerland), history (ULB) and urban planning (UCL). Her research is rooted in the fields of environmental history, sciences and technology studies (STS) and urban history.

Her previous research, carried out at ULB, focused on the long history behind the management of wastewater (PIRVE project, ULB-UPMC Paris 6) and rainwater in Brussels ("Waters, sewers and overflows" project, Perspective research-Innoviris) as well as on the exploration of innovative and participatory approaches to urban flooding in this region (Brusseau project, Co-create-Innoviris). At the present, she explores the complexity of urban soils and the life that unfolds in that environment from a political ecology perspective. She is currently a researcher at the LoUIsE research centre, workingon the Super Terram project (Co-create-Innoviris).

On the sidelines of her academic research, she developed her professional experience as an exhibition curator notably in partnership with La Fonderie and the Museum of Sewers in Brussels.

Moreover, she is a founding member of Calm—e, an independent research collective.


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