- pré projet CO CREATE Innoviris - obtenu 2021. Speculative crafting for un/common futures Acronyme : SPECRAFT Nom du Partenaire 1: ULB Nom du Partenaire 2: LUCA School of Arts Le projet est en cours de rédaction (janvier 2022) Mots clefs: Bruxelles, co-creation, crafting, speculation, futures, science-fiction, fabrication, participation

Our proposal sets out from the aim of going beyond the co-creation of possible responses to one given disruption scenario for Brussels, that we would have defined beforehand. Indeed, disruption scenarios, as well as ways to cope with the futures they describe, appear to be intimately linked to the fears and desires that drive them, which in turn are embedded in the tools, methods and worldview of their (often expert) authors. If the aim is to train our capacity to respond to disruptive and always somehow unexpected future events, we argue that we need to diversify the scenarios and make them more inventive. Hence our call to pluralize both the authors of such scenarios as to the ways they are generated. When it comes to generating future scenarios for Brussels, we want to ponder “by whom and for whom?”, as well as “who and what do they include?” -- that is the values and knowledge systems they represent in projections of deep social and environmental change. But also to cultivate alternative thinking, feeling and practices for the times to come. We thus propose to co-create scenarios of urban disruption and/or deep change as well as possible ways to cope with them with a variety of actors who are (explicitly or not, intentionally or not) at the margins of dominant visions of the future and their modes of production.