Urban Species

Urban Species is a multi-disciplinary action-research group focusing on citizen participation. At the crossroad of social sciences, design and urbanism, Urban Species brings together researchers from ULB (LoUISe, Faculty of Architecture; Grap, Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy) and Luca School of Arts (Intermedia).

As part of its research and experiments, Urban Species collaborates with citizens, associations, public authorities, developers, graphic designers, artists and a whole series of species, human or not, living or not, digital or not. Urban Species is currently engaged in two projects, p-lab (Identifying and amplifying new forms of urban participation. The Brussels city center pedestrian zone as a laboratory) and SUCIB ("Smart Urban Community Interaction Blocks"). Both projects are supported by Innoviris, in the framework of the Anticipate 2018-2021 program.

Apart from Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts (architect) and Greg Nijs (sociologist), the multi-disciplinary team is composed of Giulietta Laki (anthropologist), Thomas Laureyssens (interaction and game designer), Guillaume Slizewicz (designer and creative coder) and Stefaan Van Tuykom (developper). Promotrice pour LoUIsE des projets P-Lab et Suscib (ANTICIPATE RBC) d'urban Species: Judith le Maire

Project website: urbanspecies.org