SUCIB. Smart Urban Community Interaction Blocks

SUCIB aims to develop and deploy a series of interconnectable IoT ("Internet of Things") modules. The development and deployment are done incrementally, in collaboration with citizens, civil society organizations and local administrations and authorities.

The SUCIB toolbox is made up of sensing devices which allow people to measure and collect data, as well as "actuators", which allow the collected data or measured issues to be made visible, audible, tangible, ... The creation, deployment and testing of the SUCIB modules is done through a series of concrete participatory projects -from a light choreography created by a group of neighbours in a given street to addressing issues of noise nuisances through co-created interactive installations. In the long run, the process should make it possible to constitute something of a "technotèque", where the modules can be borrowed by all sorts of engaged individuals and communities in their proper collective urban projects. The modules will run specific "recipes" that can be followed, improved, extended or adpated.

SUCIB is a project of Urban Species, supported by Innoviris, in the framework of the Anticipate 2018-2021 program.