12.06.2020 10:00 Online Seminar

In Between Theory, Design and Practice : Inventive methods: amplify, probe, speculate (Urban Species)

In Between Theory, Design and Practice is an online seminar cycle jointly organized by the research centre LoUIsE of the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta (ULB) and the Department of Architecture of the Roma Tre University.

Each session brings together chunks of theory such as well-known theoretical frameworks or emerging concepts, and design experiences tested on the ground such as action-based urbanism initiatives. By moving In Between Theory, Design and Practice the point is to sift through and always look at what remains, what is consistent, how they inform each other.

The experiences presented have to do with different issues pertaining to today urbanism. This first series starts with an overview on the work of an interdisciplinary reflective practice based in Brussels pushing the understanding of participation. It then moves to the environmental paradigm of Nature Based Solutions to figure out how it meets a concrete socio-ecological initiative held in Forest, a municipality of the Brussels Capital Region. By reviewing the participatory process at the basis of a public square renovation in Aprilia (county of Rome) and investigating how the territorialization of the Public Health Service has improved the built environment in Trieste, the series ends with a review of the “healing” role architecture and urban planning might induce.

To subscribe to a single session, you need to send an email to geoffrey.grulois@ulb.be or marco.ranzato@uniroma3.it

Afterwards, you will be given the necessary information to follow the seminar on Teams.

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